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About us: The history of Ri-Vier Automatisering.


Around 1987 I bought my first computer; a MSX with, YES, a tape-recorder as an external drive. That's where I started programming; in Basic. I wanted to write a program where I could store all my albums and singles en where it was easy to look for an album or single.

In 1988 I bought an IBM-compatible computer; a Tandy.
With this computer I also programmed and started to work with DOS. I loved it.

In 1989 I was offered a job with the Computer Uitwijk Centrum (CUC) in Lelystad and became the Tape Manager. I was in charge of the Back-Up tapes. When I started it was all paperwork so I wrote a program in FoxBase to automate the administration. That went not unnoticed and they offered me a job to help starting up their own section 'Internal Automation'. We used an IBM model 80 as a server and Novell 2.11 was the Operating System. I remember a whole pile of floppy disks. Around this year I founded 'The Computerclub' with some of my friends in Dronten. All of the members had a computer and it didn't matter wich one. We had sections with: MSX, Atari, Personal Computer, etc. I was the chairman and did also the sales (floppy disks, etc).

Around 1990 I founded my first company; Mulder Handelsonderneming.

In 1993 CUC was taken over by Getronics, and they restructured the business. Getronics had their own section of Internal Automation wich was much cheaper; My boss got a job at DATEX (Getronics), I was let go, the only thing I went home with were 3 months pay.

With that money I opened a store in Kampen en renamed te company; ACES, wich stands for Active Computer and Electronic Service. With this new name we were on top of the page in the yellow pages. We sold personal computers and anything that goes with it, from mousepad's to ink-ribbons for the printers. We did our own assembling and also did some programming voor small companies. In that very same year we went bankrupt. The price of the computers went up because of a fire in a factory in the Middle East so the sales went down. We just started so we didn't have any money to fall back on, so....bankruptcy.

When the bankruptcy was over, I payed my debts and started all over. I restarted Mulder Handelsonderneming, this time I worked from my home so I didn't have any extra costs; I didn't want to go bankrupt again, not ever. I worked freelance for some companies but in 1999 I decided to stop with my company and took a 'normal' job.

But......freelancing is in my blood and on the 17th of January 2005 I started my present company; Ri-Vier Automatisering. I work freelance and also sell and install Linux Servers at small companies.

I chose for the name Ri-Vier because of the names of my family; my wife, daughter, son and me, all of our names start with 'Ri' and 'Vier' is the translation of four....

Until today I still work in IT-business and yet......I still love it!

Richard Mulder


  (c) Ri-Vier Automatisering



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